Andalusia leads the statistics with 4,245 mortgages in the period June 2014 to June 2015. With an average amount of € 103,626, an improvement of 4.2% compared to June 2014. As for loans for housing construction Andalusia is second on the ranks of Spain with an investment of 371.5 million euros.

The number of home mortgage loans rose 26.3% to reach 21.454 mortgage. Approved mortgage is now a total of 13 months of growth of over 10%, according to the National Statistics Institute. The signing of home mortgages increased by 21.1% in the first six months of 2014, with increases of 25.3% on borrowed capital and 3.4% in the average amount of mortgages.

Regarding the interest rate, variable rate mortgages account for 93.2%, and fixed interest rate of 6.8%, and the 91.3% of new mortgages are made based on the Euribor.

The average interest rate at the beginning of the mortgage for the total number of farms is 3.41%, while the average term is 21 years. The average interest rate at the beginning, for the mortgages on residential property is 3.35%, 13.7% lower than in June 2014.

Currently, most real estate contracts the annuity, which offers a higher income. Or the so-called sale and leaseback, which is that the owner sells the house but simultaneously a rental agreement is made with the new buyer.

87% of seniors owns a home, traditionally it has been contracted by people without direct heirs, but in recent years a change of mentality in children shows. They declare that their parents prefer to hire a real estate income because it means they get more income and want their parents to live best. The main difference is that the children do not inherit property. Older people receive a monthly income for the rest of his life in exchange for the sale of the bare ownership of your home, but always maintaining the right to use and enjoy it. The only requirements are age (over 65) and the location of housing, as in small towns or rural areas is not possible to manage these products. Whatever the chosen product, the housing must always be free of burdens and its location is key for the operation to succeed.

This August 21 begins the cultural program “Cine Bajo las Estrellas” on the beaches of Marbella. The screenings will take place on the beach of Marbella “La Bajadilla”, and on the beach “La Salida” San Pedro de Alcantara. Gema Midon, responsible for Culture and Education, said: “This is a new activity designed for the enjoyment of families in an idyllic setting, as is the beach”, a cultural event in a natural environment, taking advantage of the climate of the Costa del Sol.

The first film will be screened in the beach “La Bajadilla” (Marbella) at 22: 00hs, “Vivir es fácil con los ojos cerrados”, a work by David Trueba that will open this film series.

This film tells the story of an English teacher, an idealistic of the culture, that travels to Almeria in 1966, where it was being the shooting of the film “Como Gané la Guerra” with Jhon Lennon. The film highlighting the importance of culture in society. The film had very good reviews, but little diffusion.

Each screening will be accompanied by a short film made by local directors, “In order to raise awareness of the cinematic value of the talents we have in Marbella and San Pedro”, this first session will be accompanied by the short “La Primera Noche” by Eduardo Moyano.

The next screening will be on the beach “La Salida” (San Pedro de Alcantara) at 22: 00hs August 28, “Ocho Apellidos Vascos”, by Emilio Martin. With the screening of the shorts ‘Ernesto Seis Dedos’ and ‘Olvido’, works of David Galiano.

Enrique Iglesias is trending topic again after the accident at Tijuana with the drone, at Starlite Marbella Festival 2015, the singer has not found the tone to play the national anthem of the 80s pop, “La chica de ayer” by Nacha Pop. One fateful end which has been much talk in the media. The fans of Nacha Pop and Antonio Vega have been outraged to learn that the son of Julio Iglesias wanted versioning the classic.

This embarrassing incident occurred yesterday, August 13, at the close of 2015 Marbella Starlite Festival. From the beginning of the performance it was noted that Enrique Iglesias did not dominate the song at all. After several attempts, he left the show in the hands of a generous public and musicians, It could clearly feel the discomfort of the singer on stage, who left before that the performance ended, and musicians had to say good bye to the public.

In this fourth edition of the Starlite Festival, held from 18 July to 22 August in Marbella, there have been artists like Roger Hodgson, Lionel Richie, Lenny Kravitz and Sinatra and Friends.

This Thursday 6 of August has performed the great composer and creator of most of Supertramp songs, the great Roger Hodgson. In his day these lyrics were classified as the language of the gods, reaching the depth of the purest feelings.

Roger Hodgson blends perfectly with the Marbella night, as in his previous concert in 2012 Starlite. A fine drizzle surprised at the concert, but the former member of the glorious Supertramp was able to take advantage of that and he encouraged the public to play with sprinklers remembering his youth concerts, crazies and intenses like always. Hodgson did a great overview of many of the songs that give an international name to Supertramp since 70’s. Had a dream, Give a Little Bit, Dreamer, The Logical Song, It’s Raining Again… and more.

Mr. Hodgson has managed to keep the magic of the concerts and reach the expectations of the fans despite not having all the members of the orginal group. In short, a magical evening with a flourish, how could it be otherwise, Roger did not forget to ask your question of all concerts: “Would you die like a wild animal or live in a cage at the zoo?”.

Starlite already has substitutes for the concert that Julio Iglesias canceled on Wednesday. Ángela Carrasco, Bertín Osborne, Curro de Candela, Manu Tenorio and Ruth Lorenzo will act in his place. This was to be one of the most important concerts of the entire program, and it would be a very special year for Julio Iglesias because after being the only artist who has participated in all editions, this would be the first year that share billboard with his son Enrique Iglesias – he will perform on 13 August -.

All this last minute organization that has handled Starlite, it was only in order to please all visitors who had organized their holiday on the Costa del Sol expressly to attend this concert. «Starlite organization, having identified that many of the spectators who were to attend the concert of Julio Iglesias had already reservations at transport and accommodation, want to you continue enjoying the experience Starlite», explains Starlite Marbella Organisation.

Julio Iglesias has had to cancel the concert because he was not fully recovered from the operation of the 4th lumbar vertebra that have recently been made.

Julio Iglesias, with Placido Domingo and Prince Alfonso Von Hohenlohe were dreamers who pushed the auditorium as an international auditorium at Marbella; something that has come true.
Equally already it confirmed the performance of Julio Iglesias the August 5, 2016, and tickets are already on sale.

Tomorrow July 22 at 10:00 pm Lenny Kravitz will perform for the first time in Starlite, the International Music Festival of Marbella. Kravitz is the leading musicians of contemporary Rock. He is a composer and musician multi instrumentalist, who has won four consecutive Grammys in his 20-year career and transcending genres, styles and times, always staying innovative. His own style has varied influences, of soul and funk, and he has already sold over 38 million albums all over the world.

“Strut” his current tour is the tenth album of Lenny Kravitz. This album was released in September 2014, which has already received good reviews, as usual with the great work done by this great composer. With the great acoustics of Marbella Auditorium and the summer weather of the Costa del Sol will make this first concert one of the most amazing shows of this summer.

The airline announced on July 15, that since October 25 the first flight Malaga – Madrid will be advanced at 6:40pm. In order to offer the possibility to arrive early at the capitol, with other means of transportation than the A.V.E, so passengers can more easily access to connect with flights to America and Europe.

Currently the 1st flight from Costa del Sol leaves at 9:30 am, which makes it impossible to access dynamic links with Adolfo Suarez’s flights. And something really uncomfortable for those who need take advantage of all day for work or leisure purposes in the capitol.

The company explains that “The first morning flight allows connections to 24 destinations in America, and more than 50 in Europe, for example, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Vienna, Brussels, Lyon, Paris, Marseille, Nice, Athens, Amsterdam, Dublin, Milan, Rome, Bologna, Turin, Venice, Lisbon, Stockholm, Geneva, Zurich and Istanbul, among others ” and will also allow to get more time out for those who operate domestic flights for business or leisure.

To make the change, a plane will stay overnight at the Malaga airport that will arrive after 11:00 pm in Madrid, another novelty that will mean a breakthrough. “The last flight will facilitate all connections in the return to Costa del Sol from any of the 50 destinations of Iberia’s network in Europe” and Iberia and Iberia Express will offer three daily services departing from Málaga for winter covering the main slots: 06.40am, 12.40am and 7.40pm. Thus there will be better connections with night flights of long distance of Iberia as Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires or Montevideo.

Javier Fernandez, Minister of Tourism and Sports, presented at the port of Malaga a report showing growth of ships and passengers in 2014. Malaga is placed in the fourth position of Spain in relation to the volume of port activity.

Andalucía has a great port tradition, all its cities have modern ports where cruise vessels are calling.

“Suncruise Andalucía aims to fulfil two objectives, on the one hand, to promote Andalucía as a destination for holiday cruisers; and on the other, to find out and evaluate the needs of the cruise customers in order to improve and adapt the port and tourist sector infraestructure and services to such needs”.

By the Andalusian Ports pass more than 841.000 cruise passengers every year, which it is why the regional government supports the brand Andalusia Cruises in order to retain loyal tourists in the cruise industry, in which 3/4 are foreign travelers, stand out UK, Germany and France.

This August 7 at the International Music Festival Starlite in Marbella, Laura Pausini will give the only concert in Spain on the Costa del Sol, and the last of his “The Greatest Hits World Tour”. This tour lasted two years throughout the world by places like Sydney or New York. This album was released in November 2014 in Spanish, and 3 duets with: Thalia, Alex Ubago and Melendi, who will also perform at this year Starlite.

On the festival will be also Alejandro Sanz, who will be partner on the jury with Laura Pausini at the new edicioión of La Voz España.

The artist has sold over 70 million albums all over the world, with works in 5 languages, 8 world tours and more than 20 years working with music.