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It is the change of the parts of the credit agreement, creditor or debtor
Mandatory and/ or optional insurance, life insurance, depreciation and insurance to cover the increase in the interest rate.
Credit interest rate may be fixed or variable.
Guarantees payment to the creditor of the parties assigned credit. Requiring the buyer to mortgage the house committing the same paymest to the wrongfully called “letters” (monthly mortgage loan bill).
The most equitable way to resolve this question is to be charged up to 50% at the time of the signing of Arras and the rest at the time of issuance or delivery of the scriptures.
1 Mortgage, facing up to the time of sale or subrogation of the same 2 Tax on the Increase in Value of Urban Land (Goodwill), is a tax credited to the municipality, since the last transmission to the current sale years. 3 Certificate of the homeowners, to ensure it is current on payments. 4 Certificate of Occupancy. 5 Increase in equity. 6 Fees Realtor.
There are three types of contracts Arras; Confirmatory, reinforcing the existence of the contract and represent the principle of compliance. Criminal ensures compliance mediating the loss in case of default. Penitential, both parties agree to withdraw the contract lawfully.
The real estate agency deals with such proceedings, in order to check the legal status of the property and / or existing loads in order to inform the future buyer.
To be sure when buying, we must ask to the real estate agents to provide us the following documentation; Certificate of occupancy, simple note to check the registration status of housing and its cargo, last receipt of the mortgage in the case that would have to see if it is current on payments, and IBI receipt or community fees.
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