Buyer Services

If you are planning to buy your beach house or you have any real estate investment, you can benefit from the advantages we offer.

We have a big range of properties on the Costa del Sol to actual market prices. We are committed to your safety and peace of mind when purchasing a home, so we perform preflight properties we offer such as:

  • Learn to identify housing, the identity of the holder or holders, the extent, nature and limitations.
  • Information on cadastral data, for proper identification and verification of payment of the appropriate fee
  • Information about utilities ( water, electricity, gas, telephone, Internet) and the status of invoices
  • Advice on all aspects related to the purchase
  • Manage its financing through a bank without additional costs
  • We do all the changes of ownership of supply contracts
  • We are available and we offer after sales service.

After Sales

After making the buying and selling property, Real Estate Properties Lucia POU will support you with a full after sales service for that there is no contingency in the move.

We work with the best professionals in the area as solicitors, builders, architects, painters, electricians, plumbers, designers and much more at your disposal, or management for any job you need to perform.