This Thursday 6 of August has performed the great composer and creator of most of Supertramp songs, the great Roger Hodgson. In his day these lyrics were classified as the language of the gods, reaching the depth of the purest feelings.

Roger Hodgson blends perfectly with the Marbella night, as in his previous concert in 2012 Starlite. A fine drizzle surprised at the concert, but the former member of the glorious Supertramp was able to take advantage of that and he encouraged the public to play with sprinklers remembering his youth concerts, crazies and intenses like always. Hodgson did a great overview of many of the songs that give an international name to Supertramp since 70’s. Had a dream, Give a Little Bit, Dreamer, The Logical Song, It’s Raining Again… and more.

Mr. Hodgson has managed to keep the magic of the concerts and reach the expectations of the fans despite not having all the members of the orginal group. In short, a magical evening with a flourish, how could it be otherwise, Roger did not forget to ask your question of all concerts: “Would you die like a wild animal or live in a cage at the zoo?”.