Currently, most real estate contracts the annuity, which offers a higher income. Or the so-called sale and leaseback, which is that the owner sells the house but simultaneously a rental agreement is made with the new buyer.

87% of seniors owns a home, traditionally it has been contracted by people without direct heirs, but in recent years a change of mentality in children shows. They declare that their parents prefer to hire a real estate income because it means they get more income and want their parents to live best. The main difference is that the children do not inherit property. Older people receive a monthly income for the rest of his life in exchange for the sale of the bare ownership of your home, but always maintaining the right to use and enjoy it. The only requirements are age (over 65) and the location of housing, as in small towns or rural areas is not possible to manage these products. Whatever the chosen product, the housing must always be free of burdens and its location is key for the operation to succeed.