Andalusia leads the statistics with 4,245 mortgages in the period June 2014 to June 2015. With an average amount of € 103,626, an improvement of 4.2% compared to June 2014. As for loans for housing construction Andalusia is second on the ranks of Spain with an investment of 371.5 million euros.

The number of home mortgage loans rose 26.3% to reach 21.454 mortgage. Approved mortgage is now a total of 13 months of growth of over 10%, according to the National Statistics Institute. The signing of home mortgages increased by 21.1% in the first six months of 2014, with increases of 25.3% on borrowed capital and 3.4% in the average amount of mortgages.

Regarding the interest rate, variable rate mortgages account for 93.2%, and fixed interest rate of 6.8%, and the 91.3% of new mortgages are made based on the Euribor.

The average interest rate at the beginning of the mortgage for the total number of farms is 3.41%, while the average term is 21 years. The average interest rate at the beginning, for the mortgages on residential property is 3.35%, 13.7% lower than in June 2014.